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  • I'm new to boxing. What course or classes do you recommend I do?
    Depending on your age and goals, our most common classes are the "Boxing Skills and Fundamentals" beginners class for 16years and over and The mixed "Kids Juniors boxing Class" are for age groups 8 - 15years old. Occasionally we will run a boxing fundamentals course which is highly recommended for those who have never done boxing or wish to refresh their basic fundamental boxing skills and techniques. Boxfit classes are designed for developing your base fitness, shedding the fat and burning between 800 - 1000 calories. Class consists of padwork combination punches and functional exercises.
  • I just want to learn basic boxing techniques and get fit. Which classes do you recommend?
    For fitness and conditioning we recommend the BOXFIT classes which is a combination of functional bodyweight exercises, boxing pad combos and heavybag work. You will burn up to 1000 calories per class!!! With regards to learning and developing boxing tech basics, the fundamentals courses are highly recommended. No contact is involved but will lead you onto more advanced boxing training if you decide to take it further.
  • What boxing gears do I need to start?
    For safety and hygiene reasons we ask that you have your own wraps and boxing gloves. These can be purchased in the club otherwise we can recommend quality local or online retailers. Beginners equipment list. 16oz Boxing Gloves (Preferably leather. Lasts longer) 4.5m (180inch) boxing wraps. Sweat towel Comfortable clothes to train in. sneakers or boxing boots Optional 12oz Boxing Gloves ( For Padwork and heavybag work) Full faced headgear (For sparring and partner drills)
  • Can you help me prepare for my first amateur fight?
    Sure thats our specialty. But like most sports it all depends on yourself. Your commitment level to training, goals, mental preparedness, lifestyle, overcoming challenges and more. We are more than happy to discuss your boxing goals in more detail in order to help you prepare for your first boxing match. The minimun age to compete in NSW is 14years old and is open to male and females. Focus Boxing is insured and affiliated with Boxing NSW/Australia which is the only pathway organisation for those wanting to compete at a higher level. ie Commonwealth Games/Olympics.
  • Is there classes for Kids?
    Definately! Our kids classes are designed for ages 8 -15years old. A parent or guardian will have to sign their waiver form for any children under 18 years of age.
  • Am I too young or old to learn how to box?
    Whether for fitness or to compete your never too old to incorporate some boxing training into your lifestyle. Below are the following age groups in NSW to compete in boxing for both male and females. Under 15 (10 - 14years old) Juniors (15 -16years old) Youth (17 - 18years old) Elites (19years +) Masters (41years old +)
  • How fit do I need to be?
    We cater for all fitness levels. So we encourage you to go at a pace that you can maintain. The majority of our fundamentals and beginners boxing classes are skilled based. We do need you to have medical clearance before starting any training if you have any injuries, illnesses or conditions that may affect your training.
  • What are your membership prices and how do I sign up?
    Due to the popularity of our boxing classes, membership to Focus Boxing works on a first in -first serve basis. We limit our numbers to maintain quality of service. We have different membership packages to suit your needs and ask that you contact us direct to arrange an appointment to come in and discuss your boxing goals and membership options. Casual visits & 10 Class passes can be booked directly via the mindbody app. Please download from the following link and search "Focus Boxing" in Lakemba Download app from the following link.
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