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Class Descriptions

Kids/Junior Boxing

(10 - 15 years old)


Who’s it for: Kids up to the age of 16years old who want to learn the sweet science of boxing.


What to bring:  

Own Gloves (8/10 oz)

Full or quick wraps

Water bottle

Sweat Towel


Classes are structured to teach kids from basic - intermediate boxing fundamentals, which include but are not limited by the following;


Boxing Stance

Types of punches


Boxing Combinations

Technical Boxing Drills


Heavybag work

Bodyweight exercises and more...


Youth to Adult Boxing

(Beginners - Intermediate)


Who’s it for: Beginners wanting to learn the basics of boxing and develop fundamentals and proper punching technique. Build on their fitness and conditioning and get a great overall body workout.


What to bring:  

Own Boxing Gloves (Pref 10/12 oz)

Boxing Wraps

Sweat Towel

Water bottle

Can-do attitude!


What does the class involve?


Focus mitt combination punching

Learn correct punching and defensive techniques

Basic combination throwing

Stance and foundation work

Boxing bag work

Sparring Partner Drills

Developing hand/eye co-ordination

Core/Abs workout

HIIT training including but not limited to Tabata, Plyometric, General functional training


Pros and Amateur Fighters Only


Who’s it for: Current and future Amateur & Pro boxers. Also open to those wanting to box or develop their boxing knowledge, skills, fitness and conditioning


What to bring:  

Your own boxing gloves 10/16oz

Sweat Towel

Boxing Hand Wraps

Skipping rope/water bottle



Positive Can-do attitude!


* For sparring and drill days


What do the classes involve?


Shadow sparring

Boxing fundamentals for intermediate to advance

How to effectively utilize, speed bag, floor to ceiling, heavy bag and skipping rope

Basic - advanced boxing combinations

1-on-1 trainer pad work

Defence and counter punching

Correct boxing balance/stance southpaw/orthodox

Heavy bag work/drills/combinations

Footwork agility drills including skipping/lateral movement/ladder/cones etc.

Progressive power/endurance punching development

Reaction, timing, distance and fluidity punching

Feinting and becoming unpredictable

Partner drills

Speed and Power drills

Controlled Sparring

Ring Generalship

Core/Ab workouts

HIIT, Strength and Conditioning drills, Plyometric, Calisthenics and Tabata training

Mental toughness, relaxation preparation

General boxing fitness test, for time, endurance, flexibility, power, speed, agility and balance, reaction and VO2 max 

Preparation camps for Pro and Amateur State, National, Oceania’s Comp including Commonwealth and Olympic Games


Womens Only Boxing


Boxing for Fitness

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